Okay Farrah had 2 lambs last night a black girl lamb and white boy lamb, Iris has moved into position in the barn and Hazel is right behind her – will there be another set of twins tonight? PS battery is finally charged in camera (um, actually finally found the charger) so there will be […]

Baby baa baas!

Baby Baa Baas are here! Hannah, our good mama sheep, gave birth this morning – to a boy and a girl – yet to be named. Prbably around 6am in the chaos fo the barnyard with the other sheep, jersey calf and almost year old steer. Didn’t need my help – went out to milk […]

Eggys! Eggys!!

Lots of yummy Eggs being delivered to City Market tomorrow (Friday). The girls are back in full force. Plenty for spring celebrations. We may start bringing the 6 packs back again. Oh and there is natural egg dyeing receipes in each box:) Sadie had fun labelling and stuffing with us. The cutest thing right now […]

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