Hope & Resilience

Dear Community,

Spring Solstice has come and gone. The days are getting longer. I think I heard faintly the first brave peepers the other night while watering the greenhouse. The pastures are starting to green up. Lambs are due within two weeks. Chicks are coming. Seeds are being planted. Fields are being cleaned up. Spring is here and all farmers are all hands on the fields, greenhouses, and barns. Farming is a year round lifestyle. The Spring brings the return of the sun and more work outside tending land and creatures for food for our community.

I am not going to lie – we have felt the weight of this pandemic here on our small farm. We feel the worry and uncertainty. We answer the calls for more chicken, more eggs, more veggies – and we are trying to fulfill. It is April now, and crops are on the very slender end as all of us farmers start to grow the bounty of this season. With the uncertainty of this world we live in right now, we are here, growing food along with other farmers worldwide. Farmers go through a lot to get a crop to fruition. Some say we are resilient – how else could we get up day after day and do what we do. What farmers are really good at is farming Hope.

Hope and resiliency – this is why we are writing to all of you.

We here at Blue Heron Farm want to help with Hope for everyone in our community that needs it. Since the start of our CSA program 15 years ago, we have offered a honor system sliding scale CSA and financial aid through Supported Share program, payment plans and taking payment through cash, check, credit card and EBT. We will continue these this year.  New this year we will offer a “Pay What You Can Share“- this share you pay what you can or able to, no questions asked. No one will be turned away if they cannot pay the whole fee. You can sign up on our website and get more information at https://www.blueheronfarmvt.com/csa-sign-up/.

Everyone is experiencing financial hardships. Everyone needs to eat. We want to help feed you and your family through our 18 week CSA program that starts in June. We are here for you. If in June, the pandemic is still here, we will bundle folks CSA shares and have staggered times for folks to pick up, we will deliver to local folks on their door steps, we will do whatever we can to protect everyone. Also, we will have veggie and herbs starts again this year and we may have to have you pre-order to pick up or delivery. Our website will be updated with buying options. Our farm is about to become more computer and internet dependent to reach all of you.

For the last few years, we have been delivering CSA shares to Northwestern Medical Center in St Albans and I am not sure what is going on with that option yet. We are looking to partner with a local grocer in St Albans to be a drop off spot. Maybe we will still drop at the hospital, but outside – too early to tell just yet. Also, our friends in Burlington that would normally shop with us at the UVMMC Farmers Market – maybe we can deliver to your door step in the Burlington area. Together we can figure it out. We all need to be flexible and patient.

These are some interesting, scary times. We just wanted to write to you all to let you know that we are here for you. Farmers are not going away. Food will be here, and we are growing as fast as we can. Please reach out with any questions, there are no silly questions. Things will be a challenge and we are up for it. Remember, we are all hopeful and resilient people.

Much gratitude for this amazing community,

Adam Farris, Christine Bourque, Sadie and Delia

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