Sun! Sun! Sun!

Good morning everyone!
Sun! Sun! Sun! two whole days on a row and we think its going to be sun on Saturday and Sunday too!
We are super excited to start CSA this year – it is our 15th year!
We will be starting the week of June 24 OR week of July 1. This is the latest we have ever started our csa. Across Vermont, all farmers are experiencing this wet spring – dairy farmers don’t have their corn in yet, hay is just being chopped but machinery is being sunk into the ground, farmers on heavy soil are having struggles prepping fields. We have heavy clay soil in Grand Isle – if you work it when its wet – it becomes cement or dry clay clumps that destroy and compact the soil structure. Soil needs air in it so all the microbes and worms have room to do their job – if we work the soil when its too wet, we crush the air and microscopic structures in the soil. Sandy soils, like near flood plains or rivers dry out quicker.
The fields are starting to dry out and we plowed up a cow pasture on the north side of our property 60 x 350′ and we have veggies planted in there and are starting to be able to plant in our regular fields. All 3 of our hoophouses are planted with tomatoes (cherry, early and slicers) and basil and arugula by mid May this year! So far in the field we have carrots, beets, beans, peas, radishes, salad turnips, broccoli, rainbow chard, red and green cabbage, lettuce heads and lettuce mix. And today we hope to work on onions and potatoes and in the next few days transplanting out the cukes, zukes, summer squash, and melons, flowers, herbs, greens, and if the soil really warms up peppers. Every day we are prepping more soil, planting more seeds or transplants and trying to catch up with this season. Luckily we transplant a lot of veggies so that will give us a leg up.
With that being said, you will still receive your 18 weeks of veggies. We will just go longer into October and you will get all those yummy fall crops.
We will let you know the week of June 17 if we will start June 24 or July 1. July 4th is on a thursday this year. This only affects Thursday deliveries. For that week we will deliver your shares on July 1 or July 2. We will let you know.
Feel free to let us know if you have any questions, look forward to seeing you all soon!
In Gratitude,
Christine, Adam, Sadie and Delia

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