Week 18: This is the final week of the CSA!

So what’s happening on the farm this week?
Week 18: This is the final week of the CSA! October 16 Monday is the last on farm pickup and Thursday October 19 is the last drop off at NMC, UVMMC, and Fort Ethan Allen.
We did it and we are going to finish strong this week. 🙂
A big Shout out to Kristen for running the farm while we were away! The veggies behaved themselves while the animals….I think the only ones that did behave were the main sheep flock and moe and monty the ram. We are forever grateful for her help, managerial skills, patience, and care for our farm while we were away. Also to her right hands, Shelia, Tom, Madeline, Jack and Audrey for dropping everything to come find cows, milk cows, pick vegetables, help set up farmers market, oh gosh! Thank you! Thank you to Graham for the new Scoville sign for the peppers, helping with markets and assistance.Thanks to other community members who stepped up and help at the farm while we were away. It sure takes a village to farm 🙂
And to our diehard Monday volunteers!~ What would we do without you all – in rain and wind – you come – thank you Diantha, Gretchen and Gail! It is because of them we have weeded crops 🙂 And I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the lovely folks at NMC who help me lug all the back up to the second floor 🙂 for our weekly cardio workout – Thank you! We live in such a great community.
There are so many veggies ready this week and we are going to try really hard to get them all to you – this share will be a heavy one – and kind of like a bonus because we want you to get all this great food. Today, Monday we will also have our BHF products for sale : totes, Tshirts kids and adults, yarn, hot sauce, dog treats, sheepskin pillows, chicken, eggs and extra produce. We will also cut some cornstalks for you all to take home to decorate. **UVMMC, Fort, and NMC if you would like cornstocks please email me and we will drop them off on thursday – Let me know by Wednesday 10am.
The stand will continue to be open until thanksgiving and the Island Winter markets will be the first and third Saturdays in November and December at the Congregational Church of South Hero.
We maybe having a weekend and/or weekday work morning to put the veggie farm to bed, to plant garlic and to clear the hoophouses – date to be announced soon.
It has been a whirlwind of a 14th season – a season I felt like I was always trying to catch up on. And here it is October 16. Thanks for being part of it. It was smooth at times, messy at times, most of the time it was glorious to see what can be grown in these soils and how resilient the land and its people are on Quaker Road.
Thanks for having us part of your family, part of your dinner table, and part of your lives.
In gratitude, your farmers, Christine, Adam, Sadie, Delia and Kristen
What’s in the share this week:
This list is what is in a full share this week. Things may change between Monday and Thursday and Individual and Salad share will get differing amounts and may not get everything on the list. Swiss Chard and or collards, Shishito pepper, bell peppers, lettuce mix, hakerei turnips, bok choy, tomatoes, hot peppers, eggplant, napa cabbage, nicola potatoes, leeks, beet green, spinach, and grab bag veggie itemJ and probably a few other veggies;)
Eggs for sale We have the pretty girls’ eggs for sale – these are free-range, certified organic chicken eggs that are brown eggs– with the brightest yellow/orange yolks you ever seen. The eggs are $6.00 a dozen. $3.00 half dozen
**CERTIFIED ORGANIC whole frozen CHICKEN AVAILABLE for $5.75 lb**

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