A mini journal post

HI everyone-

Hope your fall and into winter is going well. This weather is truly unbelieveable. If we didn’t have that real cold snap a few weeks ago we would have had shelling peas. But…the greens in the field are still growing – slowly but very sweet arugula, kale, turnips, celery, bits of chard, napa cabbage – all holdling on and ignoring that tomorrow is December 1st. The chickens are still outside – fertilizing for next year’s crops for us.

We are starting to meet with mortgage companies next week to get the financing to buy this land and to build a house (where we currently live). It is exciting and daunting all at the same time. We are still plan on conserving all 30 acres with the Vermont Land Trust and selling our development rights. Hopefully if all the fundraising and financing comes through – we will be closing in March sometime.

Christine will be taking a Whole Farm Planning course over the winter for women farmers to help us plan for the future of our farm with our new land security. Delia turns one in a weeks and half and Sadie turns 4 in 2.5 weeks – time flies. We are busily getting the last bales of hay in and securing buildings and hoophouses.

You can also order produce from us at www.yourfarmstand.com and pick out Grand Isle pickup. We will also be at the SOuth Hero Farmers Market this Saturday from 10-2 with lots of goodies – and girls:)

🙂 Thanks,

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