Week 8: July 27, 2020

Hi folks. Adam here. Well, we have been working hard to bring you both variety and substance this season, which it seems has been panning out well for the most part. We have a fine crop of beans on the horizon, as well as cherry and slicing tomatoes on the way. If anybody wants a […]

Week 5: July 6, 2020

Hi everyone! The journal is a few days late this week – thanks for your patience. We usually write this on Monday during or after lunch and we had a lot more to pick on Monday..here we are at 5:00 am Thursday morning writing to you allJ Reminder CSA deliveries today Thursday and CSA on farm pickup from […]

2019 Weeks 3 & 4

Volume XIV, JOURNAL 3 &4 Blue Heron Farm Journal So what’s happening on the farm this week? (Sorry for no journal last week – computer glitch) Week 3 and 4: Hi Everyone! Wow! Here it is July! What a distant memory, this cool spring is, The nonstop rain for two months. The endless cloudy days […]

2019 Week 2

Volume XIV, JOURNAL 2 Blue Heron Farm Journal So what’s happening on the farm this week? Week 2: Hi Everyone! The peas are here! The peas are here! We picked over 30 lbs on friday night and I think we will be around 60 lbs today when we finally finish picking. These peas are eat […]

2019 Week 1

Volume XIV, JOURNAL 1 Blue Heron Farm Journal So what’s happening on the farm this week? Week 1: Hi everyone! Welcome to the first pickup of CSA. Thank you and good to see you to our returning members and welcome and we look forward to meeting all of our new members this year. This is […]

Sign up for 2018 CSA!

Dear past CSA members, community and potential CSA members- Happy Mid Winter! We are almost through February – this month always goes by so quickly for us. We are just back from the NOFA -VT Winter Conference and it was amazing. Sadie and Delia went to the kids track for two days and Adam and […]

Week 3: July 3, 2017

So what’s happening on the farm this week? Week 3: Hi everyone! Well, the story on the farm this week has been a wet story, as you probably know. Things aren’t as grim as some might imagine! Even though we have not had much of a break from rain (except for now-keeping our fingers crossed), many […]

Forget Cyber Monday, when there is Reality Saturday!

Meet and chat up the hardworking farmers and crafters, who produce local goods for your table or gift giving.December 5th, 10 til 2 pm at the Congregational Church in South Hero, VT. Seasonal vegetables, meats, wine, cheese, pasta, sweets, wreaths, crafts and the Annual Gingerbread House Silent Auction, benefiting CIDER! We will be there with our certified […]

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