Week 13: Sept. 7, 2020

Week 13: Hi folks 🙂 Happy September! Monday folks! Remember pick up today even though it’s Labor day we still have pickupJ  Those gusts today are quite strong! Keeping us on our toes. We are thankful for our diehard volunteers Diantha and Nancy for picking beans and weeding carrots this morning in this wind. There will be gorgeous […]

Week 12: Sept. 2, 2020

Week 12: Hi folks 🙂 Ok the month of August flew by faster than July. Dang. Here we are the beginning of September. In the middle of a pandemic. Deep breathe. We can all do hard things. Whether figuring out how to school and take care of our children, Figuring out how to do fall and the upcoming […]

Week 8: July 27, 2020

Hi folks. Adam here. Well, we have been working hard to bring you both variety and substance this season, which it seems has been panning out well for the most part. We have a fine crop of beans on the horizon, as well as cherry and slicing tomatoes on the way. If anybody wants a […]

Week 6 & 7: July 20, 2020

Weeks are flying by. Here we are at week 7. Sorry there was no journal last week – things got crazy and so much picking and sleep at night… I am trying to write it between lunch and CSA Monday pickups. So I don’t leave the house after lunch until this is written and eggs are ready […]

Week 5: July 6, 2020

Hi everyone! The journal is a few days late this week – thanks for your patience. We usually write this on Monday during or after lunch and we had a lot more to pick on Monday..here we are at 5:00 am Thursday morning writing to you allJ Reminder CSA deliveries today Thursday and CSA on farm pickup from […]

Week 4: June 29, 2020

Hi everyone! The journal is a few days late this week – thanks for your patience. We usually write this on Monday during or after lunch and Christine had a doctor’s appointment during lunch so..here we are at 5:30 am Thursday morning writing to you allJ We got a bit of rain this week – what […]

Week 3: June 22, 2020

Week 3: Hi everyone! So they say we are breaking records for heat 5 days of 90 plus weather. Ok 2020 – thanks for keeping us all humble and sweaty. We will just keep on pivoting and watering;) Everything is growing well. Some husbands bring bouquets of flowers to their wives. Farmer Adam brought this […]

Week 2: June 15, 2020

Week 2: Hi everyone! We made it through last week – two on farm CSA pickups, CSA deliveries on Thursday to Milton, St Albans, Burlington and Colchester, and 2 farmers markets- whew! We have the best farm team. There was a lot of hustling and starting things back up last week. Thank you everyone for […]

Hope & Resilience

Dear Community, Spring Solstice has come and gone. The days are getting longer. I think I heard faintly the first brave peepers the other night while watering the greenhouse. The pastures are starting to green up. Lambs are due within two weeks. Chicks are coming. Seeds are being planted. Fields are being cleaned up. Spring […]

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