Big Announcement for Blue Heron Farm

Hi Everybody,

We have very important news concerning the future of our farm. The land we currently farm and live on is going for sale – and we are trying to buy it. Buying this land would ensure that it is forever farmland and never developed. This purchase would secure a home for our family and Blue Heron Farm for future generations.

Recently, some of the land where we farm went on the market. This creates an urgent need to protect and purchase the farm within the next few months.

Right now Blue Heron Farm has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to permanently protect and purchase the 30 acres of productive farmland where we currently farm in Grand Isle. We are working with the Vermont Land Trust and South Hero Land Trust to secure the land on Quaker Road through conservation.

The total cost of conserving the 30 acres is $215,000. Approximately $129,650 is expected to come from a grant from the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board with federal matching money from the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service. This leaves approximately $80,000 to be raised within the community.

We, Adam and Christine, work endlessly each day to provide food for our family and neigbors. Fostering the relationship between our farm and the community is something we believe very strongly in. We would like to continue that relationship for the years to come. Protecting this farm will make this farmland affordable for us to own.

For more information about this conservation effort, please contact Elise Annes at (802) 262-1206 or

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