Click, clack, Mooo!

Have you been to City Market looking for our Eggs?

Our wonderful chickens, who make those yummy organic eggs, are a bit on strike these days. (Have you ever read Click, Clack, Moo, the children’s book? We are just short of giving them electric blankets to keep them warm) For our flock of 175 – we are getting about 2 dozen or so a day. We are sorry for the inconvience. Our chickens do not live their days in a heated barn – they are out and about in the hoophouse and snow and lay eggs and roost in their traveling house. We are working to get them back up – which we think will be within 2-3weeks. We think these frigid, frigid temps have made them molt and just stop laying for a while. We have adjusted their light, giving them more treats (old winter squashes and cabbages), plenty of organic grain, plenty of clean water, lots of hay to play and scratch in the hoophouse – we just have to wait it out. Thanks for your patience. We will have more eggs soon. We will bring in what we can.

Thanks, Christine, Adam, Sadie and Delia and all the Pretty Girls and their Rooster Rocket at Blue Heron Farm.

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