First CSA pickup this Monday June 4th

Good Morning CSA members! The long awaited email is finally here! Adam and I are excited to start the season this Monday, June 4th and dropoffs on Thursday June 7th. Pickup at the farm will from 4 to 630pm. Drop off locations will be on thursday (Rehab Gym, Fort Ethan Allen, Pinewood, and School St) will be by 2:00pm. We may have to skip a week in between but we will know better next week – June is a tricky month to make sure there is plenty of food while it is all growing to harvest and eat. The weather has been glorious – lots of veggies in the ground – everything growing – trying to keep up with all of it. Some of the early things are ready – we wanted to have this early pickup so that you didn’t miss spinach or some other young greens that don’t like the hot weather and may bolt ( we already had arugula bolt but don’t worry there is more in a week or two). The first few weeks of our CSA (and most others) is light – light being more leafy green veggies and as the season gets closer to the end of June – more bulky – heavier things start coming out of the fields. We will defineately make up for lightness closer to the end of the month:) Nature has been good to us by drying our our fields and helping us get soils ready. With this warmer spring, we have had more bug pressure- our first planting of bok choy is full of holes even though we covered it – I think they came from the ground up. But we will have more planted….This year we have over 36 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, collards, more potatoes, more sugar snap peas, kohlrabi, cauliflower and brocolli (last year we had to plant these out June 9 – this year we got them in May 7th so we are anticpating a much better crop). Oh so much going on here in the fields. We have 3 new hardworking, eager interns – from around the country. Can’t wait for you all to meet them. Also have a friend of the farm Jen who is working here part time and Sophie (past intern from 2 years ago). For those who have working shares – we will have information out to you next week about times to sign up. One day that is great for working shares is Monday – many folks with children come that morning come and help pick, plant and weed. So if this Monday morning is an option and you can come this monday – drop us an email and let us know you are coming. Okay, more info to follow. See you all soon. Some things that will be in the share this week: spinach, lettuce mix, cilantro, basil plant, and some other yumminess from the field. See you soon, Your farmers, Christine, Adam, Sadie, Delia Jen, Mandy, Annie, and Sophie

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