Hello CSA Members

Hello CSA members!
******CSA for next week is moved to TUESDAY pickup from 4 to 630 so the farmers can go to an intensive pastured pig workshop on the other side of the state from 1 to 7pm (we need to leave the farm at 1130) – its an amazing opportunity for us with really experienced farmers and out of state speakers. You can check it out at www.nofavt.org .  No change to the Tuesday deliveries.
We will pick everything on Monday but will have pick up on Tuesday.
Monday morning volunteers please still come on Monday – we need your help picking and weeding


We hope you enjoyed or enjoying the sweet corn!  We were so excited to pick over 200 ears on Monday for you all. We were also able to give corn to the other CSA program we belong to and the senior share.  We are hoping we will have more next week.  Organic sweet corn is tricky – between the fencing and electric to keep the raccoons out and dealing with corn worms.  (ps if you do get a corn worm just cut around it) timing it so it doesn’t tassle at the same time as cow corn next to us, transplanting at the right time, etc. We are excited to have our very own for you this year 🙂 Please enjoy it.



The hoophouse tomatoes cherry and full size are coming on strong and oh those ground cherries are sooo sweet.  This monday there will be a new crop of lettuce mix – much more tender as the days are shortening and greens are becoming sweeter. We ate our first spaghetti squash last night yum!  The BBQ was amazing – wonderful food, friends, music – we had over 130 people:) I think our little farm raised over $800 for FFT.   It was great to have people walk the fields and meet the chickens and sheep.  We still have the maps and the signs up so you can always take a walk around the farm – grab a map at the farmstand and follow the trail:)



See you all Tuesday and see volunteers on Monday!



-Christine, Adam, Sadie and Delia, Alicia and Yard

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