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Hello everyone-
Sorry I haven’t sent an email out lately things have been very busy here.  We have fall brassicas weeded and they are looking wonderful – they are in the front field behind the green house.  We have another field of green beans that will be ready in a couple of weeks along with beets and carrots and dill.  The days are getting shorter – and it seems very weird that in a few short weeks we will be heading into September.  We are hosting a BBQ this weekend – a benefit for Food for Thought – and an opportunity to have folks on farm fields eating farm fresh food. We would love to have you all come – we are planning on some live music too – Sadie and Delia are so excited to host you all:)  I think they are making us all where aprons.  🙂  If there is anyone who would like to help with serving, set-up, or clean-up please email me back.  We had a great turnout for the Pomykala BBQ last week over 165 people came and we were able to raise $1100 for Food for thought.  It is wonderful how farms work together to feed people – it was a great honor to be part of the Pomykala BBQ and be on their farm and we look forward to having their crew here this weekend.  🙂 Neighbors helping neighbors.
Why grilled pizza at a BBQ?  It is a tradition in our home here on Blue Heron Farm to have Friday night pizza night and its open to whoever is here or passing by.  The toppings are dependent on what is fresh on the farm that week or what we put up for the winter, minus the treat of pepperoni:)  So when we were trying to figure out what we were going to have  for the BBQ, Yard and Sophie said why not out Friday night pizza? And the Quiches are something that is quick and easy for us to make when the crew is hungry and needs to be fed a hardy meal.  The salads are what we have on hand and some wild foraging around these beautiful acres.  And oh my, when we got our cow Annie, so much rich milk, we started to make cheese and made ricotta and oh, I remember ricotta cheesecakes from my childhood and the ricotta cheesecake was born from Annie’s rich milk and our ladies’ eggs. We figured we would feed you how the farmers eat.
 And did you know that When we first started our CSA 8 years ago – in our second year we had an ice cream share from Gary and Patty of Island Ice Cream – it was a hit – Adam ate many pints of ice cream that summer:) And we have known Gary and Patty since their Sunburger days and when this mama used to be a volunteer firefighter;) Also, Did you know that Adam worked at Pomykala farm for a summer – 10 years ago this year – right before our wedding – and we have always loved their melons and sweet William bouquets.  Adam would bring me a bouquet every week while we were dating in the summer. We met Matt from Wally’s 5 years ago when he opened the bagel shop, and who doesn’t love bagels.  Matt has been a member of our CSA and has been creating bread shares for folks at our farm for about 4 years.  We always love having their bread and Sadie is always hopeful there will be extra bread at the end of pickup for her and her sister to have a snack in their garden with. We look forward to Matt grilling the pizzas on his crusts this Sunday. Ron and Celia Hackett of Hackett’s Orchard and they are amazing people and farmers – our children love going to visit them and we love to sit and visit.  Their apples are delicious and we have eaten many over the years. The Hacketts were one of the first farmers we met here when I moved here many years ago. The Raspberry Chocolate Sauce is from our neighbors Meg and Jim, Stepping Stone Farm.  We moved here 8 years ago as their renters in the mobile home next to the barn- and now they are our friends and our children run in their raspberry patch. For our friends who will create and serve the food and keep an eye out for Sadie and Delia – Julia, Donna Sue, Sophie, Kayla, Alicia, Yard, Emily, and Nana – your help is so appreciated in this whole process.  For Roy and Ev, for this amazing opportunity to try to grow organic vegetables on this land these 9 years ago.  
Many friends have helped create the food at your farm table this Sunday – We look forward to sharing it with you.
Thankful to the crew who came and brush hogged, moved debris, lopped down sumac trees, mowed, plastic trash removal – wowee – the farm looks like it got a crew cut. 🙂
Doing all this prep and getting fall crops in – are days are full and good.
-Hope to see you Sunday, Adam, Christine, Sadie, Delia, Alicia and Yard

Join the Lake Champlain Islands Agriculture Network and Blue Heron Farm
for the final “Savor the Islands” Farm dinner of the summer! Get to know
the farmers and chefs of the islands during a fun on-farm afternoon of
local foods, farm tours, and great company! Blue Heron Farm will be
serving up grilled pizza with farm fresh toppings, seasonal quiches,
several creative salads, local fruit (including ground cherries), ricotta cheesecakes, apple blueberry
crisp, and Island Homemade Ice Cream. Ingredients are sourced from Grand
Isle county farms and bakeries. Come celebrate the bounty of summer with

3:00-5:00 at Blue Heron Farm on Sunday, August 18th. Everyone is welcome
to join us, we suggest a donation of $12.00 per adult and $7.00 per child. If that is a hardship, please put in what you can, for those who can give more please do. 

All profits will be donated to Food For Thought, a local program providing
healthy food for children at risk of hunger in Grand Isle County!

Christine Bourque and Adam Farris
Blue Heron Farm
34 Quaker Rd
Grand Isle, VT 05458

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