July 8, 2013

Good Morning Everyone-
As I write this the familiar sound of pitter patter is coming from outside my window – wish it was little feet playing outside – but the rain hits again.  We have flash flood warnings going into effect as of 11am until midnight tonight. My new “smartphone” texted me a flash flood warning on the 4th of July for Grand Isle County – what we live on an island how could we flood?  Well, the ground is very very very saturated as you all well know.

Our little farm is doing ok – crops are growing but at a snails pace, some crops (beet, peas and some lettuce) rotted in the field because of it being too wet and some fields we can not get into to replant into because they are way too mucky.  Clay soil + loads of rain + not enough sun= a bog and easily damaged soil structures. Usually on the fourth of July we are planting our third planting of potatoes.  we have one planting in so far (and knock on wood they look beautiful). The hoophouse tomatoes, eggplant, and pepper plants  are looking beautiful, they only need more sun to ripen the fruit. The lettuce was doing great – our third planting ready to pick – the deer came along Friday night and ate it all along with some chard – luckily they did not find the 4 th planting.  That third planting was looking gorgeous – ok, I have already cried about that – moving on. Everything is just wet. It is hard to believe it is July 8th – feels more like May 8th.

So..for pickup today – we are going to do out best for you.  We will pick everything that is ready – might be less than usual – but this is out of our control – Your bags may seem a little less full – but know that you are getting everything that is available on the farm right now.  This is all weather related – the stuff is out there – it just needs some sun and dryness. Funny – we, will get about 4 or 5 days of sun and then we will be wishing a bit of rain again. The season will catch up again and your bags will be overflowing.

Today We will have summer squash, zucchini, thai or Italian basil, maybe green onions, maybe lettuce, and maybe a potluck selction of veggies. We are going out to pick shortly. pitter patter pitter patter

One of the silver linings to all this rain, is that we have all of you here with us – to ride the weather out together.  We appreciate our CSA members sticking it out with us – we are not the only ones out in the rain. Thanks for thinking of us. 

Your farmers,

Adam, Christine, Sadie and Delia, Alicia and Yard

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