Need a little note from all of you – TODAY – pretty please

Hi Everyone-

We look forward to seeing most of you at pickup tomorrow and through out the week at farmers markets and deliveries. We just got in from putting all the animals to bed and walking the fields and wish all of you could be here with us – at twilight. This farm is a beautiful place and we are so very lucky to farm here.

On Tuesday, yes this Tuesday, we are going in front of the Vermont Housing Conservation Board to ask for funds to conserve our farmland through the Vermont Land Trust and in partnership with the South Hero Land Trust. These funds are well over 1/2 of what we need to conserve this land – a lot of state and federal dollars. As we were walking the fields this evening- we thought how we would also like all of you there with us – to tell VHCB what you like about our farm, why you are part of this farm, and why is should be conserved – and never be developed. Through selling our development rights, we can afford to buy this land – these 30 acres that we have called home for the last 7 years AND be able to have our children or other folks children farm here when we are done farming – our future.

You all can not be in that room with us – BUT you can write a little note for us – is support of us and our farm – a note of supprt – nothing long – maybe a paragraph or so..tell them why Blue Heron Farm should be conserved and why Blue Heron Farm is important to you. You can email us this note and I can print it out or we will have index cards available for you to fill out at pickup on Monday or drop them off at our house. The only kink in all of this is that I need them all by 7pm MONDAY night 9/19/11 (tomorrow for those of you reading it tonight or today for those of you reading this on Monday).

I know I know very short notice – but sometimes these Ideas just kind of pop up even at the last minute – when you are walking in a beautiful lush field listening to sheep and cows chewing grass.

Do what you can – If you can do it – great! awesome! If you can’t no problem – we totally get it – short notice and all, don’t worry we won’t love you any less. Just think good thought s around 10:30 on Tuesday – we’ll be in randolph – presenting our farm and telling them why our little farm – deserves conservation funds.

Much love to you all – call or email if you have questions-

Feel free to write a note, write a song, draw picture (kids are encouraged too), anything that gets your voice heard to all these folks – I want them to hear your voices – of why Blue Heron Farm should receive conservation funds to continue farming right here. Right here on Quaker Road – here on this Grand little Island in the middle of Lake Champlain.

Thanks everyone-

Adam, Christine, Sadie and Delia

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