PICK YOUR OWN Cherry tomatoes and Ground Cherries

Hi Everyone-

To all Blue Heron Farm CSA members –

This Monday – Labor Day – there will be hay wagon rides out to the cherry tomato and ground cherry field. We wanted to give you enough notice – so you can take the time to go and pick if you like. We are hoping that folks have more time being that it is Labor day.

For those who are not CSA members and would like to take part of the PIck your own cherry tomatoes and ground cherries on Monday- prices will be 2.00 pint for cherry tomatoes and 3.50 pint for ground cherries.

Just a reminder pick up is from 4-7pm. See you soon! Enjoy the cooler weather. Oh and we will have WATERMELONS for Monday:)

Oh, and we will have Roma Paste/Sauce tomatoes for sale – 2.50 lb/ 2.00 lb for 10 lbs or more, 1.50lb for 25lbs or more.

Pullet eggs (smaller eggs) are 3.00 dozen or 2/$5.00 – they fry up to english muffin size – and there are a few double yolkers in there too.

Peace, Adam, Christine and Sadie, Joe, Emily and Eric and all the animals at Blue Heron Farm.

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