Plastic, Seeds, bunnies and chicks

Yesterday we got our delievery of plastic for both the greenhouse (it will take two layers) and our hoophouse (1 layer). Not sure when we will replace it all since it is pretty windy up here right now. The seeds are starting to sprout in the hot room in the barn – thanks to adam for buling it for us. The bunnies came out to play today in the sheep paddock. We got two angora bunnie (we will use their wool for spinning) on Sunday – Pippin (boy) and Marie (you post say Marie with a french accent – that is how sadie says it and it is so delightful. ) Sadie enjoyed playing with the bunnines and the paddock and the sheepo enjoyed checking them out – don’t worry we let them out one at a time – no baby bunnies for a while. The chicks are getting big – sadie can now hold them without the flying out of her hand. We have potential interns coming to check out the farm and be interviewed this weekend – very excited. CSA memberships are coming in and we are about to make our big final seed order. We’ll be planting in the ground in just a few short weeks… We got a new computer and we are hoping to change the layout of this blog asa I figure out how to do it. I would like to add picture to the header and a little photo book – it is amazing what a new computer can do to updating the farm…More soon

One thought on “Plastic, Seeds, bunnies and chicks

  1. Awesome news all around- bunnies, seeding, plastic for the hoophouses… and the new computer. Always checking out your blog :0
    love tam

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