Week 14 CSA Journal

What’s happening on the farm this week?Week 14: Hi everyone – we have a few announcements to make in this issue – Please hold on to it and read it – What’s going on at the farm, next hoedown, what the next couple of weeks look like, last pickup week/date for CSA, grass fed beef […]

Week 13 CSA Journal Post

What’s happening on the farm this week?Week 13: The nice cool dry weather is welcome this week as we tiptoe into September. We are saying goodbye to some crops this week (which many have had their fill): eggplant (due to late blight), zucchini and summer squash (powdery mildew), corn, green beans, and sungold cherry tomatoes. […]

Week 12 – CSA Journal Post

What’s happening on the farm this week?Week 12: You all know we have a small flock of sheep we use for wool, manure, and as field conditioners. We had our first two sales of roving (washed and carded wool) this week- which means the sheep are finally going to start paying their room and board! […]

Pictures and our blog

So, our little laptop that we run this blog off is ancient – well 7 years old, not much memory and our dig camera is just as old- so the only way I can post pictures are through the cell phone pic texting…funny – We are hoping to get a new computer sometime this year…Just […]

Hay and the barn

So our back field was mowed day before yesterday, many thanks to Rob – about 6 acres – finally our first cut – which isn’t too bad – until the rain came – really. I got that sick feeling in my belly when Adam came off from the tractor after raking – Adam said it […]

CSA Journal Post Week 11

What’s happening on the farm this week?Week 11: It has been a pretty busy week here. Thanks to all who came out in the very, sticky hot weather yesterday for the Blue Heron Farm Hoe-Down. It was a lot of fun and we had instruments from all over the world. Irish fiddles, guitars, banjos, Bavarian […]

Robbers and Garlic and Corn- Oh My!

So this growing season has been pretty tough on us. We have had crops rot in the field, 800 heirloom tomatoes had to be destroyed because they caught the late blight, and we our little farmstand has been robbed since Saturday night. Ugh. Luckily, with some great vigilance with other fellow farmers and their families […]

CSA Journal Post Week 10

***BLUE HERON FARM COMMUNITY HOE-DOWN,This Sunday, August 16th 3:00pm until darkTour of Farm at 3:30 on hay wagons and the great blue truck4:30 music starts(bring your instruments)5:00 the biggest Potluck in Grand Isle J,bonfire and more – no work, just play, music and foodJBring your family and friends all welcome*** What’s happening on the farm […]

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