Late blight in Lamiolle County, VT

We got this email today from Vern Grubinger from UVM Extension – Things look okay here so far. We are taking as many precautions as possible…Feel free to pass info to other gardeners/farmers… The UVM Plant Diagnostic Clinic has confirmed late blight on tomato from a home garden in Lamoille County. The disease has also […]

Journal Post for the week of August 2, 2010

VOLUME V, JOURNALVIII AUGUST 2, 2010BLUE HERON FARM JOURNALSO WHAT’S HAPPENING ON THE FARM THIS WEEK? This weather has been wonderful. Everything is growing and growing strong. We are truly blessed with the help and eagerness of our apprentices and working members, the weather that is making everything thrive and family and friends who have […]

Journal Post for the week of July 26, 2010

SO WHAT’S HAPPENING ON THE FARM THIS WEEK? This week we had some wild weather, a wonderful visit from “Auntie Shelly” who spent loads of time with Sadie, and a great wool opportunity. On Wednesday when severe weather moved through, we received almost three inches of rain in under an hour- all when we should […]

Late blight in Massachusetts

Dear Blue Heron Farm CSA members, We wanted to forward this information to all of you – not to scare – but to have you well informed too – most of you have your own gardens or have neighbors who have gardens. Late blight occurred on this farm last year. We acted quickly and saved […]

Journal Post for the week of July 19, 2010

VOLUME V, JOURNALVIJULY 19, 2010BLUE HERON FARM JOURNAL SO WHAT’S HAPPENING ON THE FARM THIS WEEK?We are enjoying the rain that is falling this Monday morning – the farm really needed some rain. We have been irrigating but there is something to be said for irrigation that occurs from above – all over the farm […]

Journal Post for the week of July 12, 2010

SO WHAT’S HAPPENING ON THE FARM THIS WEEK?We survived the heat and potty training. It has been quite busy on the farm this past week – regardless of the temperature – we still need to work in the fields and get things done. Adam and I are thankful to our very flexible interns and volunteers […]

More Kingbirds

These kinbirds are nesting right behond the farmstand. We are pretty lucky we have one pair right outside our window in the apple tree (previous post) and this one is up at the veggie farm. Another thanks to David for taking these great pictures:)

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