Okay Farrah had 2 lambs last night a black girl lamb and white boy lamb, Iris has moved into position in the barn and Hazel is right behind her – will there be another set of twins tonight? PS battery is finally charged in camera (um, actually finally found the charger) so there will be […]

Baby baa baas!

Baby Baa Baas are here! Hannah, our good mama sheep, gave birth this morning – to a boy and a girl – yet to be named. Prbably around 6am in the chaos fo the barnyard with the other sheep, jersey calf and almost year old steer. Didn’t need my help – went out to milk […]

Eggys! Eggys!!

Lots of yummy Eggs being delivered to City Market tomorrow (Friday). The girls are back in full force. Plenty for spring celebrations. We may start bringing the 6 packs back again. Oh and there is natural egg dyeing receipes in each box:) Sadie had fun labelling and stuffing with us. The cutest thing right now […]

2012 CSA Season is here!

Hello to all returning and potential CSA members, neighbors, friends and family! We tapped some of our maples’ yesterday – February 19th – the earliest we have ever tapped – so here comes spring – this rounding third base in the homestretch to spring. The girls are excited- they love taking a sip out of […]

Heading to Montpelier in the morning…

Going to Montpelier tomorrow – testifying on the importance of land conservation and programming with the VT Housing Conservation Board. It is because of the support of these two organizations – we will be able to buy our farm land at an affordable price, to keep these 30 acres here in Grand Isle in agriculture […]

2012 CSA Season is here!

Hello everyone- Finally – 2012 CSA member registration is available electronically and will be available in the print form later this week. Just cut and paste this link: You can download here from google docs and feel free to share with your friends. We look forward to the growing season. We tapped 8 of […]

Film Showing tonight in South Hero

Movie tonight at the Congregational Church in South Hero at 6:30pm. “Ingredients” – by donation. Donations are for Food for THought – Summer food program for Island children. To see the trailer- Hey we’ll be there with our Blue Heron Farm Quiche hot out of the oven with our potatoes, onions, garlic, eggs, milk, […]

Click, clack, Mooo!

Have you been to City Market looking for our Eggs? Our wonderful chickens, who make those yummy organic eggs, are a bit on strike these days. (Have you ever read Click, Clack, Moo, the children’s book? We are just short of giving them electric blankets to keep them warm) For our flock of 175 – […]

Farmers Market TODAY!

Hey Everbody – Farmers’ Market today at the Congregational Church of South Hero from 10-2. WE’ll be there with Arugula, Baby Kale (with Kale chip recipes), Sweet Salad turnips, eggs, chow chow, celery, pumpkins, acorn squash, bok choy, pickled banana peppers, wool, yarn from our sheep…and cookies – There is a cookie walk with over […]

A mini journal post

HI everyone- Hope your fall and into winter is going well. This weather is truly unbelieveable. If we didn’t have that real cold snap a few weeks ago we would have had shelling peas. But…the greens in the field are still growing – slowly but very sweet arugula, kale, turnips, celery, bits of chard, napa […]

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