Journal Post for the week of Ocotber 3, 2011

VOLUME VI, JOURNAL XVI OCTOBER 3, 2011 BLUE HERON FARM JOURNALSO WHAT’S HAPPENING ON THE FARM THIS WEEK?Week 16- There are TWO more pickups after this one. With a possible surprise event at the last pickup. Stay tuned.So with the change of weather, we have all gotten the sniffles. This farmer mama woke up from […]

Journal Post for the week of August 29, 2011

VOLUME VI, JOURNAL XI AUGUST 29, 2011 BLUE HERON FARM JOURNAL SO WHAT’S HAPPENING ON THE FARM THIS WEEK? Week 11-As the rain picked up, things seemed to go in fast forward, our bodies moved quicker, our language moved quicker, our daughters knew they needed to listen and follow without question. On Sunday, after church […]

We are okay..

We are okay – the farm and animals – no csa pickup today – letting the plants stand back up before we pick and really assess. CSA Pickup will be TUesday from 4-6pm. Thanks for understanding. More details later – fence to move, animals to move, hoophouses to open up..

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