Week 2: June 15, 2020

Week 2: Hi everyone! We made it through last week – two on farm CSA pickups, CSA deliveries on Thursday to Milton, St Albans, Burlington and Colchester, and 2 farmers markets- whew! We have the best farm team. There was a lot of hustling and starting things back up last week. Thank you everyone for […]

Hope & Resilience

Dear Community, Spring Solstice has come and gone. The days are getting longer. I think I heard faintly the first brave peepers the other night while watering the greenhouse. The pastures are starting to green up. Lambs are due within two weeks. Chicks are coming. Seeds are being planted. Fields are being cleaned up. Spring […]

2019 Weeks 3 & 4

Volume XIV, JOURNAL 3 &4 Blue Heron Farm Journal So what’s happening on the farm this week? (Sorry for no journal last week – computer glitch) Week 3 and 4: Hi Everyone! Wow! Here it is July! What a distant memory, this cool spring is, The nonstop rain for two months. The endless cloudy days […]

2019 Week 2

Volume XIV, JOURNAL 2 Blue Heron Farm Journal So what’s happening on the farm this week? Week 2: Hi Everyone! The peas are here! The peas are here! We picked over 30 lbs on friday night and I think we will be around 60 lbs today when we finally finish picking. These peas are eat […]

2019 Week 1

Volume XIV, JOURNAL 1 Blue Heron Farm Journal So what’s happening on the farm this week? Week 1: Hi everyone! Welcome to the first pickup of CSA. Thank you and good to see you to our returning members and welcome and we look forward to meeting all of our new members this year. This is […]

Sun! Sun! Sun!

Good morning everyone! Sun! Sun! Sun! two whole days on a row and we think its going to be sun on Saturday and Sunday too! We are super excited to start CSA this year – it is our 15th year! We will be starting the week of June 24 OR week of July 1. This […]

2019 CSA Sign up!

Dear CSA Blue Heron Farm Friends and Family, Here we are! Our 15th season! wait – what? 15th season with our humble little CSA. The winds are quite mighty today as I write to you. We are excited for the upcoming season and look forward to starting seeds this weekend. Thank you all who were […]

Week 9: Hi everyone!

Volume XIII, JOURNAL 5,6,7,8,9 August 13, 2018 So what’s happening on the farm this week? Week 9: Hi everyone! Sorry we have not written more this summer. It is hard balance trying to be farmer in the field, farmer on the computer, farmer on social media, farmer with kids. I can post thinks on instagram […]

Week 4: Hi everyone!

Hi everyone- these usually come out weekly – this season has us running by the seat of our pants.. we will be better at this going forward. We usually include recipes, happenings on the farm, whats in the share and annoucements 🙂 Volume XIII, JOURNAL 1,2,3,4  July 9, 2018   Blue Heron Farm Journal So what’s happening […]

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